Writer, Comedian, Filmmaker

Brianna Benozich is a writer, comedian, and filmmaker. Her experimental short film, "Close Calls", has played at numerous film festivals, including the Lausanne Underground Film Festival in Switzerland and Videodrunk in Toronto. Her writing has been published on Hollywood Insider, Tv Tea, and Herocia. Her comedic personal essay, “Peeking Out of the Closet”, has been featured in the LGBTQIA+ short story collection “queerbook”.

With an eye for the unusual and strange, Brianna seeks to find the humor in even the most mundane aspects of life. As a screenwriter, Brianna seeks to tell stories that are relatable and act as a mirror to our world. Stories of Philadelphia, the city she grew up in, so people can know New York isn’t the only crazy city around. Stories about flawed human beings, so people can see that perfection doesn’t exist. Stories about joy, about sadness, and about everything in between. As a comedian, Brianna seeks to make others laugh about the absurdity and rollercoaster of life. Jokes about Brianna's own experience as a queer woman and jokes about the world we live in. As a filmmaker, Brianna seeks to collaborate with like-minded artists and create something important.

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  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States